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Choosing the Correct Band Saw Blade TPI: A Comprehensive Guide for Wood and Metalworkers

Selecting the correct Teeth Per Inch (TPI) for your band saw blade is a critical decision that directly impacts the quality and efficiency of your wood or metalworking projects.

Selecting the Correct Band Saw Blade TPI
Selecting the Correct Band Saw Blade TPI

The TPI of a band saw blade determines its cutting performance in various materials, making it essential to choose wisely. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the factors influencing TPI selection and provide practical insights to help you make informed choices for your wood or metalworking project.

Understanding TPI

TPI refers to the number of teeth present on one inch of a band saw blade. It is a crucial factor that affects the blade's ability to cut through different materials. Generally, blades with a higher TPI provide smoother cuts on thinner materials, while lower TPI blades excel at resawing and cutting thicker stock.

Factors Influencing the Correct Band Saw Blade TPI Selection:

1 - Material Thickness:

  • For thin materials, such as plywood or veneer, opt for a higher TPI (e.g., 14-18 TPI) to ensure a fine finish without causing excessive chipping.

  • Thicker materials, like hardwoods or large timber, benefit from lower TPI blades (e.g., 3-6 TPI) to efficiently remove material and prevent overheating.

"For thin materials, opt for a fine toothed blade." – Nancy saw blade specialist

2 - Tooth Style:

  • Choose between hook, skip, or regular tooth styles based on your specific application.

  • Hook tooth blades are great for ripping and resawing timber.

  • Skip tooth blades excel at sawing across the grain in the timber.

  • Regular tooth profiles are a good choice for hard materials such as plastic and metal.

3 - Blade Width:

  • Use the widest blade your machine permits for straight cutting.

  • Use narrower blades for cutting radii and intricate patterns.

Practical Tips for TPI Selection:

Experimentation: Test different TPI blades on scrap material before starting a project to determine the optimal blade for your specific needs.


Choosing the correct TPI for your band saw blade is a nuanced decision that requires a thoughtful analysis of your project requirements. By considering material thickness, cutting speed, tooth style, and blade width, you can make informed choices that enhance both the efficiency and quality of your wood or metalworking projects.


Remember, experimentation and a keen understanding of your bandsaw's capabilities will guide you towards selecting the perfect TPI for each task, ensuring success in your project endeavours.


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