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  • What if I can't see my sawmill blade size in your store?
    If you can't find the Ripper 37 sawmill blade you need, please call us or email and we can quote you on your size blade.
  • Where do your Ripper37 blades come from?
    Our coil stock is from Dakin-Flathers in the UK. We weld Ripper 37 sawmill blades onsite, to the correct length for your mill, by our team of precision engineers.
  • Do you deliver Ripper 37 blades locally in Quebec?
    Yes, we have a regular local delivery service by our driver. Please contact us at for more details.
  • Do you sharpen sawmill blades?
    Yes, we sharpen all sawmill blades, including Ripper 37, by our experienced team of saw doctors.


Have questions or need help? Call us and speak to a real person or submit our contact form with your question.

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